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 Keuling Law Firm LLC, founded in 1996, focuses on providing consumers and small businesses with bankruptcy, divorce, and business law services.

The Firm's bankruptcy law services include:

* Consumer and business Chapter 7 proceedings;

* Consumer  and sole proprietor business Chapter 13;

* Consumer and corporation, LLC, and partnership Chapter 11;

* Consumer and small business Subchapter 5 cases. 

Utilizing these bankruptcy law services. individuals or spouses filing a joint Chapter 7 petition ( Chapter 7 Debtors) can rid themselves of credit card debt, wage garnishments, creditor harassment, and medical bills. Other debtors facing a loss of their personal residence may be able to utilize a Chapter 13 wage earner personal reorganization to stop foreclosure proceedings. Small businesses experiencing financial failure due to external factors such as economic downturns can seek help from Chapter 11 or Subchapter 5  proceedings.


The Firm's wills and trusts services include:

* Last Will and Testament;

* Contingent Trust;

* Revocable Trust;

* Family Trust;

* Durable Power of Attorney.



The Firm's business law services include:

* Business Recovery Law;

General business transactional law;

* Tax law matters at the Federal, State, Local government levels;

* Creditors' rights;

* Mergers and acquisitions;

* Civil litigation and binding arbitrations; and

* Capital formation transactions and statutory reporting.


 Individuals or business owners can discuss their problems free of charge during an initial conference with a Firm attorney. The prospective client will receive expert bankruptcy and business law advice and an estimate of the legal fees and costs required to handle the matter.

If you are seeking a bankruptcy, divorce, or business law attorney, take a little time to discuss your problem with us. BANKRUPTCY,  DIVORCE, AND BUSINESS LAW CASES ARE WHAT WE DO.  



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