EDGAR KEULING  DIRECT # 303-910-8948

Edgar Keuling's business and professional career spans more than forty years. During that period Edgar has provided professional counsel to small business owners, presidents of major corporations, state and local government officials, and individuals just starting out with a new career or startup business. While wearing many hats, Edgar's professional counsel, skill, and direction have helped many clients from the individual wage earner to captains of industry meet their challenges and successfully achieve their goals.

Today,  Edgar's law practice is limited to bankruptcy, estate planning, and business law in the State of Colorado. Licensed to practice since 1996, Edgar has, however, provided legal tax advice, civil litigation services, and a variety of other legal services to individuals and businesses alike.


* Certified Public Accountant (CPA) providing, tax. auditing and management consulting services to individuals and business owners. (Edgar Keuling has retired from CPA practice.)

 *Debtor's counsel for individual  Chapter 7 and 13 cases.

*Debtor's counsel for Chapter 11 cases.

*Seller's attorney for mergers and acquisitions.

*Debtor's counsel involved in Chapter 7 adversary proceedings.

*Corporate counsel for businesses seeking Industrial Revenue Bond financing.

*Founder and CEO of a successful Denver-based management information systems company.

* Founder and CEO of fine art galleries in Colorado and Florida.

*Founder and CEO of a sporting goods manufacturer.


Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree, Florida State University School of Business.

Juris Doctor (JD) Degree, University of Arkansas School of Law.


*State of Colorado.

* United States District Court, District of Colorado.